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We are not MiniCabster the taxi booking web site!

We are getting tons of people asking us if we book taxis or trying to email us to do so. We are not the Minicabster you think we are. The confusion is really simple.

We are the Mini dash Cabster and they are without the dash. Quite frankly I’m surprised they didn’t tell us they were thinking of stealing our name!

Anyhow they do have a nice site over at you can check out and also a mobile app. Haven’t tried the site or app yet as I’m not in London where they seem to have coverage of minicab firms.


Welcome to Minicabster

There are approximately 1,000 small operators and 2,000 standard
operators currently licensed in London by TfL. Many of the small operators
are one-person chauffeur businesses in which the same person is the
operator and the driver, but some are booking agents that sub-contract the
service provision to other licensed operators. The majority of operators have
only one operating centre, but some 330 have multiple centres.
Approximately 300 operating centres are licensed in night clubs, hotels,
bars, restaurants and other ‘3rd party’ venues to serve the late night
market. The role of private hire services in meeting late night travel
needs, along with some issues around the operation of late night booking
centres, are discussed more fully below.

The private hire trade has expanded since the introduction of licensing.

About 43,000 drivers were issued with temporary permits at the start
of licensing in 2001. Up to 35,000 vehicles were registered for the
exemption from the Congestion Charge in 2003, although not all of these
were presented for licensing: about 33,000 were licensed in the first year
of licensing, to mid-April 2005.

There are now some 50,000 licensed PHVs and up to 60,000 working licensed drivers.

One factor in this growth was a broadening of the definition of private hire
vehicles covered by the legislation. Since April 2008, firms that provide
vehicles and drivers on contract to an organisation or a discrete market,
rather than direct ‘to the public’, fall within the legislation and these
vehicles, operators and drivers are now licensed.

The private hire trade is diverse, with many different types of vehicles and
some specialised operations. Although there are overlaps between the
different types of hire service, the two main sectors are:
• Minicab services, comprising approximately 60% of drivers and
vehicles. High street offices provide services throughout London, mostly
direct to individuals, although most firms will offer account services

We at minicabster wish to thank all our new supporters of the site, which we are going to update more often soon.

We have also noticed many people asking us if we are minicabster the London based company which has a mobile app and now taxi firms from Manchester too. Well we are not them we are the original portal for taxi and private hire firms across UK.